'Raman from Orissa, writes screenplays for B-grade movies in Mumbai to make ends meet. When what he set out to do was write and publish a book.'

'Sahil from the slums of Dharavi, will never read Raman's work even if it gets published. As he can't afford something as simple as a book.'

'We're trying to bring the two disparate worlds together.'

‘The world’s largest public library.’
The Telegraph

#STICKLIT is an initiative by a network of artists and writers. We’re creating THE WORLD'S LARGEST PUBLIC LIBRARY (in public spaces) to make good literature and art more accessible to the common man. Using free-format stickers, posters, wall murals, etc. In essence, we’re creating a free-world for writers and readers. Just the way it should be.

Download stickers here: EnglishHindi

‘The World's Largest Public Library’
— The Telegraoh
‘Aww …’
— Margaret Atwood
‘A book is not a bottle of cola. It’s absinthe.’
— Anon
— Tomáš Brolík
'We are thrilled by ideas such as Aristotle being read by a rickshaw puller. We feel that this dialogue between two disparate minds deserves a chance.'
— The Indian Express
'Think of this intervention in public spaces (with the stickers) as the world's largest public library.'
— The Telegraph

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